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Poetry Pizza Dollar Store Crafts
& Recipes (Vol. 1)
People Who
Need To Die
In Search of
Good Times
Book: Enjoy 40 poems that will make you laugh, cry, and think without getting a headache! Included are such notable titles as "Houseplant Takeover," "What to Do in Heaven," "Drug Commercials on the Evening News," "Plastic Bags in Trees," "Red-Hot Rednecks," "The Unwritten Novel," "The Comfort of Snow" and more. (92 pp.) Book: Learn how to make cool friendship bracelets, shadow boxes, decorative push candles, paper bag flowers and trees, string balls, marker mugs, plastic bottle flowers, pendants, pot hangers, pizzas, dips, shakes, and even a Jurassic herb terrarium. Plus gifts for writers and jewelry crafters and more. (60 pp.) Book: The year is 2021 and people are fed up. The World Order Alliance allows "selective" homicides to reestablish a more peaceful society. A few of the targets: Bad Drivers, Distracted Cell Phone Users, Spammers, Internet Trolls, Litterbugs, Horrible Bosses, Black Friday Shoppers, and more. (200 pp.) Book: Joseph Manley, a blue-collar worker from Idaho, loses his job during the 2009 economic recession. A strange turn of events sets him off on a road trip to seek out the fictional sitcom families from Good Times and All in the Family. (224 pp.)
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Tabletop Photo Book
The Comfort of Snow    
Book: PHOTOPOURRI is a diverse collection of photographs of landscapes, nature, cities, and more. Includes several panoramas that span across two pages. The timeless and beautiful photos presented in these pages make this a perfect tabletop gift book for anyone. Book: One of the poems from Poetry Pizza turned into a 32-page fully-illustrated children's book. Recommended ages 5+. Nice for adults, too!    
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