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Enjoy 40 poems that will make you laugh, cry, and think without getting a headache! Included are these notable titles:

“Automatic Doors,” “Houseplant Takeover,” “Plastic Bags in Trees,” “Drug Commercials on the Evening News,” “Bumping into Things,” “Red-Hot Rednecks,” “The Comfort of Snow,” “What to Do in Heaven,” “Beer Buzz and Wine High,” “The Woman on the Bottom Floor,” “Why Is Poetry Hard to Understand?” “Leftover Brownies on Valentine's Day,” “The Bald Eagles Nest,” “Everything I Suck At,” “When That Day Comes,” “Sitting in Silence,” “Vendors at Tables,” “The Unwritten Novel,” “From Far Away,” “Halloween for Adults,” “Judging,” “Whom to Thank on Thanksgiving,” “Silly Old Stella,” “Feeling the Christmas Spirit Alone,” “Life Cycle,” “Excuses,” “The Eyeball Stealers,” “Roommate Roulette,” “The Surveyor,” “Prequels, Sequels, and Reboots,” “My Temple Likes Cheese,” “Car Repairs,” “The Mattress Springs,” “Sadie,” “Dollar Tree Delight,” “Writing a Poem,” “Those Things That Disappeared,” “Will You Buy My Book?” “Untimely Insect Deaths,” and “They’ll Think That You're Insane." (92 pp.)

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Some of the poems have been turned into cartoon animations:

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