Book and DVD covers Publishing Services Recommendations

Here are just a few of the many book and DVD covers I've designed over the years. I can use photos, illustrations, and also create complete 3D environments from scratch if required. Pricing is based on complexity of design and design elements.
"Maria's Mixes" by Maria Yeager (Book cover) "My Hormones are Killing Me"  by Maria Yeager (Book cover)
"The Ragworts of Brokenfell"  by Belinda Miller (Book cover) "Crime Scene: Fairfax County"  by Robert F. Dorr (Book cover)
"Hitler's Time Machine"  by Robert F. Dorr (Book cover) "Violence is Golden"  by Adrian Street (7 Book covers)
"People Who Need To Die"  by Victor Rook (Book cover) "In Search of Good Times"  by Victor Rook (Book cover)
"The Politics of Possums"  by Dennis Fargo (Book cover) "Fear and Greed"  by Milt Johns (Book cover)
"Paudie Time" by Tom Basham/Paul Zacheis (Book cover) "Dollar Store Crafts & Recipes" by Victor Rook (Book cover)
"Beyond the Garden Gate"  (DVD cover) "Calmness of Woods"  (DVD cover)
"Cell Phonies"  (Book cover, short story) "Litterbugs"  (Book cover, short story)
"Black Friday Revenge"  (Book cover, short story) "Bad Drivers"  (Book cover, short story)
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