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Author Nancy Wyatt (Three Hots and a Cot: Stories of Courage from People Struggling with Homelessness, Addiction, and AIDS)

Victor, you did a great job, and our process went quite smoothly. I still have more to learn, but thank you for what you have taught me and for making this financially, as well as physically, possible. You were as caring and intensely focused on my project as if it were your own book. The turn-around time was excellent. Thanks also for the follow-up to ensure all is well even after your work was done. Great job!

Author Alan Bonsall (Young Heroes of the Lost Lake: A Johnstown Flood Novel)

Victor helped me with editing my novel, and then made my book available on Amazon, along with creating a first-class cover. He took my suggestions for the cover, which were very specific, and followed my request perfectly. He even added a few touches I hadn't even thought of, because he knew the story so well. I highly recommend his services for anyone who needs a final push to get a book published. He is attentive and responsive to requests, and completes all the work in the time he promises. As well as offering publishing services, follow-up promotional materials are creative and professionally made.

Author Tom Basham (Old Roads, New Exits; The Pigtail Princess)

"Victor Rook helped me self-publish three books over the past year. After the impossible task of writing these books, Victor made the publishing part a breeze and guided me through the entire process. He made sure I got what I wanted and was quick about it. Even when I changed my mind three or four times, he just rolled with me. I wouldn't think of doing a book without him."

Author Robert F. Dorr (Hitler's Time Machine, Crime Scene: Fairfax County, Air Power Abandoned)

"Victor Rook is the influence who helped me make a huge break into a whole new world after 60 years of writing books, magazine articles and newspaper columns the old way. I wanted to self-publish and explore new avenues for promoting and selling books. He knew how to do all that stuff: cover design, text formatting, and more." 

Author Maria Yeager (Maria's Mixes, My Hormones Are Killing Me)

"Victor Rook designed the covers for two of my books and did a wonderful job. The quality of his work is outstanding! The work was done quickly, and his professionalism and knowledge made the entire process so easy and enjoyable. In addition, he helped me to properly format my books. I highly recommend him for anyone looking to self-publish."

Author David Major (Time To Go, Alzheimer's: Catching Up With The New Reality)

"Victor Rook helped me with my two books and I couldn't have done it without him.  I am amazed at how much he knows about grammar.  I feel that he is my partner and takes my draft copy to publication.  And although I request and respect his opinions, I still have the freedom to make my own decisions.  I will pursue my passion for writing knowing that Vic is there to take my work to market."


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